When was the last time you cleaned your Makeup Bag?

When was the last time you cleaned your Makeup Bag?

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your cosmetic bag? Do you know that 90% of makeup bags provide a cozy home to superbugs like E.coli (that's the ones responsible for urinary tract infections and food contamination, YIKES) and staphylococci (Super YUCK)
Our vanity case is lined with a liner that is easy to wipe down, and if you want to go the extra step, spray a little Lysol before you repack your makeup bag.


 #1. Dump it all

Dump everything onto a clean surface. Begin by sorting all your eye pencils, lipsticks, etc. into separate piles. Next, decide what you want to keep, and what you can do without. For example, if you have multiple shades of a product, keep one in your bag and store the others as backups. While you are sorting through the items consider the age of each item. Makeup does have an expiration date, so toss anything that has been sticking around a bit too long. And when it comes to mascara there are no “ifs, ands, or buts” - 3 months is the limit.

Makeup Lifetime Guidance

 #2. Give each product a quick wipe down

Use a clean cloth with a disinfecting cleaner and wipe down each product to keep old dirt, grime, or germs from transferring back to your clean bag. Pro tip: Keep a small bottle of cleaner or a wipe in your vanity and wipe each product down after use to keep your makeup bag sparkly and hygienic. Don’t forget to wipe out the inside of your bag, too!

#3. Clean and protect your brushes

By now we all know how important it is to wash our hands so let’s think about our makeup brushes in the same way. Storing brushes with other makeup products is never a good idea as they will get bent out of shape and dirty, leaving you with a ratty looking, poor functioning, and unhygienic brush.

Cleaning your makeup tools regularly is important for the lifespan of your brushes but even more important for your health and complexion. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can transfer to your brushes, causing skin irritations, acne, psoriasis and more serious infections such as staph. Luckily, cleaning and storing your brushes is quick and easy.


We love ZOTE Laundry soap which retails for about $1.12 at big box stores. Simply set the soap in the sink and work your brushes and sponges into the soap to get nice scrubby bubbles. Rinse and repeat, then let your brushes and sponges air dry completely on a clean towel before returning them to your bag.  Wet brushes can grow bacteria in dark places with minimal air flow, so don’t put them away until they’re 100% dry.

Pro tip: A study published in the journal Applied Microbiology found that toilets dispersed microbes far enough to settle on bathroom surfaces as far as 15 ft away. Now, that is something nobody needs on their makeup. 

Cleaning Makeup Brushes


Our pick to store makeup brushes is the PurseSee Classic Leather Vanity Case. Not only can it store up to 12 full size brushes upright, across two separate pockets; it also has a clear plastic divider to minimize contact with other brushes or contamination by touch.

#4 Keep products upright and organized

Keeping your beauty products upright and organized will allow you to easily find your products, helping keep your morning routine convenient and stress-free. It also protects your expensive makeup from breaking or leaking. After all, the average woman spends about $300,000 on makeup in their lifetime, according to the U.S. company Skin Store. Don’t believe us? Start adding up those Ulta or Sephora receipts. 😉

Pro tips: sandwich a cotton round on top of powder-based products before closing their lid, to protect them from shattering. And always twist your lipstick all the way down when closing the tube to avoid smashing the tip.

Be thoughtful about how you organize your bag. Put products you use most frequently front-and-center for easy retrieval, and let those lesser-used items take a back seat.

#5 Admire Your Work

Take a second to really appreciate the effort you put in and thank yourself for the small gift of order. During times like this, small gratitude’s really add up – so don’t forget to take a deep breath and feel proud of yourself for making your life a little cleaner and easier! 









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