New Year’s Resolution: Embrace the Minimalism Trend

New Year’s Resolution: Embrace the Minimalism Trend

 As we embark on a new year (a new decade, even!) our minds often turn to thoughts of clearing the clutter from our homes, our minds, or our workspaces in service of setting ourselves up for success. All worthy endeavors, to be sure. But don’t forget to give your handbag some love too! This year, why not try lightening your load by committing to a more minimalist approach to what you carry on the daily?

 The “less is more” movement is picking up steam for its ability to positively impact our mental state. Less clutter leads to a clearer mind and reduces stress – and really, who wouldn’t benefit from that? Minimalist style trends are emerging everywhere, as evidenced by clean lines, monochrome clothing, shrinking satchels, and the resurging popularity of fanny packs.

 But for those of us who want a more elegant and mature option, consider the SoClutch Mini Bag! We’ve engineered the SoClutch purse to be convenient, with its many slots, pockets and compartments to help you stay organized and orderly. It’s also incredibly versatile, and can be worn as a shoulder bag, cross-body, sling, or yes… even a fanny pack! (Although we prefer the more grown-up term “belt-bag”).

In terms of how to minimalize what you carry, take it down to the bones. Think of the bare essentials of your daily handbag inventory: Credit cards, ID cards, hotel room keys, cash, passport, keys, phone, lipstick or balm, and earphones. Maybe you want a mirror, some mints, blotting papers or powder. Try carrying just those things for a few days and see how it feels. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the freedom and ease you experience without a heavy bag weighing you down!

And for the days that you positively need a bigger bag with more supplies, simply toss your SoClutch bag in as a smaller grab-and-go insert (kind of like a wallet with straps). That way you have all you need, but if you find yourself hopping out of the car on a quick errand into a shop, you can simply remove the SoClutch bag and carry it to make things easier on yourself. Pop it back into your larger bag when you’re done and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your essentials are all within arm’s reach.

What do you think? Have you tried minimalizing your handbag routine? Please share any of your own tips below! We’d love to hear from you.




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