Rethinking "NECCESARY" what COVID-19 has taught me about my purse


Living with COVID-19 made me think about what is really necessary. So far, I managed to go without a haircut or manicure for 6 months, and it really hasn't impacted my life as negatively as I first imagined. We all had to rethink what is really "necessary." Can you survive without a haircut for months? Yes, you apparently just did. Is it essential to have your nails done every other week? Well, I sure missed that little luxury, but necessary? No. So while I ventured out to run a few errands with my Louis Vuitton Never Full in tow, I stopped and asked myself if I really need my hairbrush, mini appointment calendar, and all the other stuff I lug around daily? 

My beautiful, oversized LV can carry all kinds of things, but I realized it is also a virus magnet. The first thing I usually do is set my bag into the front of my shopping cart. When an aisle is crowded, I leave my shopping cart in the main aisle and pick up my purse because who leaves their purse in the cart? Since the COVID outbreak, I thought about how often I grab my purse handle, set my bag down on a store counter or shopping cart, or hang it on the back of the bathroom stall door. Invisible virus particles – and other things that I never thought about and really didn't want to think about have free rein to transfer to my bag and take up residence there.

Set that contaminated bag on the seat of your car, and bam, now you've got virus in your car. Get home and put it down on your kitchen table, and ugh, now the public bathroom door germs are in your dining space.

Viruses and bacteria have always been around us, but we've generally had the luxury of not worrying about them too much. Oh, how blissfully unaware of contagion we were, only a few short months ago. 

These days, it's unthinkable to consider setting a purse down anywhere in a public place. I constantly think about what I touch with my hands when I am out in the world, and how often I use my contaminated hands to touch my handbag, inside and out.

It looks like we'll have to continue to be mindful for the foreseeable future, and with that in mind, I reconsidered the necessity of all the stuff I haul around. 

I admit... I still haul my large bag around because who knows when I need that nail clipper or hairbrush. The difference is that I leave it in the car or office, and when I run errands or head to the Doctor's office, I pull out my PurseSee SoClutch. 

It fits perfectly in my giant bag, and I can choose how I attach it to my body, so it never has to leave my side. I can wear it cross-body style, as a belt bag, or when I feel super hip, I shoulder it up. The three different straps provide flexibility I have not seen in any other bag. And my favorite feature is the two hidden pockets in the front that hold my hand sanitizer and face mask perfectly. 

I learned a lot about necessity while living with a pandemic. I learned that I can get by with less. But I sure don't have to get by with a lesser handbag – I just needed one that doesn't sacrifice luxury and style for safety or convenience. So, I pack up my SoClutch bag and go get some fresh air. The world is out there waiting – and with the right precautions and with my SoClutch Purse, I will be ready for it.


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