Emerging from Isolation in Safety and Style

Emerging from Isolation in Safety and Style

Living under restrictions from the COVID-19 outbreak, we’ve all had to rethink what is really “necessary,” haven’t we? Can you survive without a haircut for months? Yes, you apparently just did. Is it really necessary to have your nails done every other week? Well, we’ve sure missed that little luxury, but necessary? No. Popping out for an errand carrying a big handbag full of everything from hairbrushes to a mini appointment calendar and checkbook? Definitely not necessary – and actually, kind of risky.

Our beautiful, oversized handbags can carry all the things, but now, they’re also virus magnets. Think about how often you grab your purse handle, set your bag down on a store counter or shopping cart, or hang it on the back of the bathroom stall door. Invisible virus particles – and other things that you really don’t even want to think about – can transfer onto your bag and take up residence there.

Set that contaminated bag on the seat of your car, and bam, now you’ve got virus in your car. Get home and put it down on your kitchen table, and ugh, now the public bathroom door germs are in your dining space.

Viruses and bacteria have always been around us, but we’ve generally had the luxury of not worrying about them too much. Oh, how blissfully unaware of contagion we were, only a few short months ago. 

These days, it’s unthinkable to consider setting a purse down anywhere in a public place. We must constantly think about what we touch with our hands when we’re out in the world, and how often we use our contaminated hands to touch our handbag, inside and out.

This is the way we live in the age of COVID-19, and it looks like we’ll have to continue to be mindful for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, it’s time to reconsider the necessity of all the stuff we haul around, and of the oversized handbags that constantly get in our way.

 When we left the house recently for a quick grocery store run, we only brought along the bare basics. The mere thought of putting our large handbag into a germy shopping cart, or of rummaging around inside our bag in search of a wallet after touching everything others have coughed on? No, thank you.    

So we left the big bag in its dust bag in the closet, packed a PurseSee SoClutch handbag with easily accessible basics, and wore it close to the body with the leather shoulder strap, ensuring that the bag would never touch the cart or the checkout countertop – or even our hands.

 In truth, for a quick grocery store or takeout dinner run, all we really need is our car keys, a credit card, phone and driver’s license – all of which fit easily into the SoClutch bag, no rummaging required.

 As we cautiously venture out into the world in the age of COVID-19, we’ve also packed our SoClutch handbag with a few more essentials to keep us looking good while staying safe.

  • Small bottle of hand sanitizer (fits in hidden outer pocket for easy access along with credit card and driver’s license)
  • Homemade, washable facemask
  • A few single packets of disinfectant wipes to wipe down phone and credit card after use
  • Eye glasses
  • Touch-up makeup for face and eyes, because hey, half the face is still showing, so make it look good!

Yes, we’ve learned a lot about necessity while living with a pandemic. We’ve learned that we really can get by with less. But we sure don’t have to get by with a lesser handbag – we just needed one that doesn’t sacrifice luxury and style for safety or convenience. So, pack up your SoClutch bag and go get some fresh air. The world is out there waiting – and with the right precautions and the right purse, you’ll be ready for it.


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