Why most vegan leather is not "really" sustainable

Why most vegan leather is not

You've probably noticed that a lot of handbag brands are marketing both cheap and expensive products as "vegan leather." While vegan leather might sound like a sustainable choice when choosing your next handbag, it often ends up in a landfill, taking hundreds of years to decompose.

So, before you click "buy now" on another "trendy" faux leather purse, please take a moment to think about the environmental impact. The term "vegan leather" appeals to people who care about protecting the planet we call home, but this wholesome-sounding material hides some pretty dirty secrets.

Often, vegan leather is primarily polyurethane, which is made from fossil fuels, just like the oil in your car. Some vegan leather is manufactured using polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, which is straight-up plastic. How do you turn polyurethane and plastic into a product that looks and feels (kind of) like leather? Chemicals. Many of them, including toxic solvents, and other nasty things, get released into our air and pollute our water during the manufacturing process.

Like all plastics, that vegan leather bag will be around until the end of time. When it eventually cracks and peels, you will throw it into the trash, and it will be carted off to a landfill, where it will take generations to biodegrade.

 The alternative, of course, is what humans have used to craft clothing and accessories for thousands of years – leather. Thankfully, the leather industry is improving its production processes to create responsibly sourced leather products. 

 At PurseSee, we believe that sustainability starts with fewer, better things. We don't design "trendy" products. We create products that are functional, versatile, durable, and timeless, using materials and colors that stand the test of time, so you can proudly use your handbag for years to come. We produce in small batches, working with businesses that focus on artisan and heritage production. Our choice to use high-quality craft leather, instead of vegan leather, stems from our requirement to produce bags that exhibit our durability principle. 

When you hold a PurseSee in your hands, you'll instantly know the difference. And you'll carry it with confidence, knowing that you made a purchase that will pay for itself many times over as it stands the test of time.





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