Your handbag might harbor more bacteria then the average bathroom

Your handbag might harbor more bacteria then the average bathroom

Did you know that your handbag might harbor more bacteria than the average toilet? In times like these, when we’re all being extra cautious about cleanliness and sanitization, our handbags are an often-overlooked part of our sanitizing routine. 

Our bags end up in shopping carts, dirty tables, or on the floor because they’re too cumbersome to hold onto while we shop or dine, and then we transport those germs home with us at the end of the day and set that purse on a counter or worse yet, our bed. By now we all wash our hands or apply hand sanitizers religiously, but we don’t think about how many germs reside on the handle of our purse or the zipper each time we touch our purse.

A study from UK-based hygiene services provider Initial Washroom Hygiene reveals that many handbags harbor more bacteria then the average toilet seat and can harbor up to 10,000 types of bacteria. And while COVID-19 is not a bacteria, the World Health Organization states that viruses like COVID-19 can live for anywhere between a few hours and a few days on surfaces like handbags and cell phones.

Tips to limit exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and viruses on your handbag:

  • Don’t set your bag down. This means no shopping carts, counters, floors etc. Carry a crossbody, sling or belt bag.
  • Now is the time to rethink your essentials. Carry only what you need and separate makeup, baby and pet items from your essentials to avoid cross contamination.
  • Keep your most used essentials handy to avoid touching your purse too often. Hand sanitizers and credit cards should be easily accessible without having to dig in your purse.
  • Separate your cell from other items in your purse. Your phone is easily contaminated but easily disinfected unlike some other items in your bag. (Apple recently said it’s ok to use a disinfecting wipe on their cell phones)
  • Handbag handles are germ infested. Carry a bag without a handle.
  • Carry a leather or cloth bag. A study published at the National Center for Biotechnology Information discourages the use of synthetic purses as they contribute to increased bacterial colonization.
  • Lastly, disinfect your purse. 

At PurseSee we tested the use of Lysol spray (Lysol® Disinfectant Spray EPA #777-99based on a list established by the EPA that meet their criteria for use against COVID-19) on our leather SoClutch Leather Purse with no ill effect. We did notice that the spray accelerated the development of patina on our champagne beige bags that have vachetta trim on the logo and zippers, so Louis Vuitton bag owners should be aware that the same vachetta leather is used on certain LV products.

As for us, we found that the SoClutch Leather Purse is the perfect essential bag right now! It’s lightweight enough to carry all day without having to set it down (even when using the bathroom), and thanks to the handy hidden pockets, there is no need to open the purse to reach hand sanitizer, coupons, or credit cards.

 Best of all, The SoClutch doesn’t have a handle, which along with the bottom of the bag is the part of a handbag most likely to carry harmful germs as we transfer dirt and bacteria on-and-off of it through the day with our hands. 1 in 5 handbag handles harbor enough bacteria to cause illness! The SoClutch stays close to the body and can be worn in several different comfortable ways thanks to its convertible strap design, which includes three different strap options.

Whatever measures you’re taking to keep you and your family safe, be sure to follow the CDC guidelines and practice social distancing with your handbag by touching it as little as possible.

And why not gift a little organization for mother's day to ensure your supermom stays safe out there.

The PurseSee team is committed to keeping our environment safe. We currently have a maximum of two team members preparing PurseSee shipments, who take every precaution to ensure your safety.

Stay safe! We wish you all the best.

Your PurseSee team

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